It just is.
Sometimes it snows a bit. so here's a few photos of the episode around Christmas 2009 and New Year (Hogmanay) 2010. Usually it snows and then it melts, this time the snow thawed just a bit near the roof, and ran down into the gutters,(roans) and then froze again. That filled them up and so that the rest of the meltwater formed icicles. Very pretty.

I'm told that garden furniture designed for the Summer makes for good snowscene photos, so here's the aluminium furniture on the west wing deck.

Once it became obvious it wasn't going to melt away as fast as usual, I cleared the drive a bit. All good cardio-pulmonary exercise, but what do you do with the snow afterwards. I made a snowman with the first bit, but if I'd used all of it I think it would have been 30 feet tall.

The trees are coming on nicely in the little wood we've been growing behind the house, despite the attention of the electricity company. 

A walk around, before it got too deep, proved very photogenic. Well I think so anyway, the house is behind the trees. If you click on the picture to expand it, you'll see a window in the middle, that's  where the house is. 

The next picture is facing the opposite way and shows the peak of the roof of our next door neighbour.

Somebody in the village, with more artistic skills than me, made a nice little effort sitting on the bus-stop bench.

Hopefully it will melt slowly, I wouldn't like to get this much meltwater all at once.