The original kitchen was designed by Moben, and they made such a dog's breakfast of it, we knew we'd have to re-jig it one day. How they managed to get it so wrong I have no idea. Fortunately my neighbour, James Harrington, designed a new plan which rid us of the clutter, improved the appearance, and made it much easier to use. We wanted to move the freezer, get rid of the oil burner, have more space and look a bit more up to date. All without spending too much money
Time for a new kitchen.
  The central island, which James built, gives us much more useful space than Moben's sorry attempt, and allows more flexibility. It didn't remain that uncluttered, but we were able to tidy away a lot of the stuff. On the right is the construction in progress, and below is the finished installation, though I shall replace the last bits of green work-top eventually, when it's time to replace the sink. 
  The little balcony bits are great for those things you want to tidy away, but keep having to take out again to use. 
Half done.