This is the complex we were in, a curious structure like a termite mound in some ways.  One of the nicest ways I've found of putting people together in a block without  losing their privacy. The apartment was clean, had a nice view, and had all the neccessary facilities.  Compact without being cramped and perfect for us because we were hardly ever in it.  Being the low season  the place was operational but nearly empty. Just enough people to stop you feeling lonely. 
This is how I remember it.  Early evening, (still warm) glass of wine, (not too warm)  Food not too far away.  Relatives workmates and friends rendered suitably jealous with sun soaked prose.  More of that.
The Minorcans like to do things with stones, this is because there are a lot of stones and not a lot of anything else.  So they build walls like you wouldn't believe and observation towers so that you can climb up and see them.  If they had a lot left over and they always did, they made the wall thicker and taller, then they made another tower.  This, however, is a tomb.  To make it more interesting they put a false ceiling in it.  Also solid stone.  So it's actually a two storey tomb. Fascinating if you climb in through the 18 inch opening.    Very dark.     Kinda spooky.   Very cool.    You can feel them sitting and watching.  Didn't say anything though, probably didn't speak English.
Most people I know who go to places like Minorca have already been, but if anybody else wants to know my opinion here it is.
We went in the low season, mid May, quite hot enough for us, gets a lot hotter and presumably more crowded.  We nearly had the place to ourselves and by the end of the week started muttering if we so much as saw another tourist.
Minorca is largely quiet countryside with few towns. The island is oblong, longest East - West If memory serves about 25 miles by 15. Stuffed with ancient sites. Didn't see any Discos.  Didn't look.  The sandy beaches are mostly on the south and the coast to the north is more rocky, interesting and deserted. Tourists are largely ignored by most of the population, those of those in the tourist trade are attentive and friendly. Rather like a hot Scotland.
Hire a car and learn to drive on the wrong side most of the other car drivers weekdays 9-5 are going to be other tourists, you can decide if that's better or not, but be prepared to see and do some very silly driving occasionally. Rather like Scotland.