Well, it had been our intention to go to Skye or Loch Lomond for the weekend,  but that didn't work out so we went to Prague instead. It takes a little longer to get there and rather more expensive, but it's worth the effort, and in September the weather is a bit more predictable.
Prague, is definitively Baroque, and our hotel had definitely got the swing of it. The style can make Roslin Chapel look quite plain.
Here is our bedroom, all the fittings are equally unrestrained, especially the bathroom, even the wardrobe was wildly over the top. It wasn't just looks though, all was very comfortable and well serviced. Pity that we spent so little time in it, but there was a lot to see out there and really only two days to do it in. Fortunately most of the best bits are quite close together, and I would recommend the little sight seeing cars for a good look around if the weather is as nice as it was for us. When you've done that you can go back on foot to see the insides
The hotel, seen above, was The Alchymist, and we were well pleased with it, it's a few minutes from most of the best sights of Prague, and right next to the American Embassy, so we knew we were in the best bit. Sadly the Rolls Royce had broken down No, really, and we had to put up with a giant Toyota something to get from the Airport to the hotel
Not sure what was going on here, but it obviously involves a lot of contentious history
and possibly a gilt complex
There aren't as many new buildings as you might expect, considering the German and then Russian invasions,  but because of a relative lack of bombing in the last war, combined with the lack of "forward looking town council planning offices" there has been relatively little wanton destruction.  Those buildings that are a bit newer, still seem fairly ornate, the red building upper left, is post modern by Prague standards.
(15th September '07)
There was a fair bit of Jazz going on,  here's a bit  >>
of the background music