Dear All            
Well, we will be off shortly to the Greek Island of Skyros for a much-delayed honeymoon.   I've no idea what it will be like, the last time I was in Greece it was on Corfu. (Kerkearas to the pretentious and I imagine spellcheck will have some trouble with both of those). It was mid-summer and about 1969. I imagine there will have been a few changes, continental drift for one. That was when I was about 16 or 17. I do remember that I didn't remember my birthday till two days later. I don't remember if that was down to drink or the laid-back approach to time there. (Which I do remember) To minimise damage from those last few sentences, lean back and extend both arms out to the sides. Stretch slowly in all directions, making theatrical groaning noises.  Then bring each limb back individually. If any questions are asked, simply point at the writing. . 
Because we will not be seeing friends and relations for quite some time, and because we might be getting a Portuguese holiday in the spring  - which will further delay any visits.   I thought I would try to get a letter out to some of you and email those that I can. 
Anyway, back to the letter and where we are now. Well the weather is a little iffy, as it can be here, being a matter of pure chance what we find outside in the morning.  At present morning is usually puddles or mud, but it can be 5 inches of snow, 1 inch of frost, or total and complete black. (Powercut, Heavy cloud and no moon)

Personally, I find that kind of a challenge invigorating. But that's just me. There's a prize for the first person to turn it into a proper hiku. I think there's supposed to be cherry blossom.
The afore mentioned conditions are why we don't mind that the holiday weather may not be what Greek island holidays are noted for. 
It's very tolerant, this grammar check, (if it's working), I would have deducted points for an over long sentence. Why worry? You may ask, as well you might and probably did.  Well to be honest, I think I may have to write a book someday and I'm practicing on YOU. Cruel, I know, but it's what friends are for. 
As to local news... 
The conservatory is still not finished, it needs a properly leveled floor and some kind of covering, also a condensation vent. The Dining room is done and looks very warm, though I think a pair of some kind of minimalist chandeliers would help.  Something plush, but not too big.  Tricky, but I'll work it out eventually.
The garden is a bit muddy at present, but we can't grumble, the snow has squashed most of the weeds and the grass has stopped growing for a bit. Fiona's in charge of that though.   I just do a bit of landscaping and let nature take over.  
The computer is working well now, after a sticky start, and is much faster than the old one.
Household winter projects include a proper bookshelf for what is now big enough to call a small library.  (I wonder where I could get a small librarian, something red, with long arms.)  A proper computer table.  That conservatory floor.  Redecorate the small loo.  Fix two squeaking floorboards.  Find and peaceably  (if possible) evict the mouse that came in from the cold and ate the bit of pipework under the dishwasher, causing a nasty wet patch in the kitchen.  I wouldn't mind, but the little perisher came back after I fixed it the first time and ate some more, if there was any justice it would have drowned.
In the meantime our love to all and best wishes for the Millennium, as you may have guessed, our plan is to avoid it altogether, so that if it all goes pear shaped, we will only suffer possible goat failure. We did consider the mainland, but I've heard that you can come acropolis.

See you all when we can,
Love Jim and Fiona.